Consello.- The Xunta receives 1,275 requests for help for the fires and plans to finish resolving them before July

Image result for galicia fireThe Galician Government has set as “cap” the objective of having resolved in the first half of this year all the requests made as a result of the wave of fires that affected Galicia in mid-October. In total, 1,275 requests have been registered, whose cost would exceed 22 million euros, regardless of other direct actions that the Xunta may undertake.

The Consello de la Xunta, chaired by Vice President Alfonso Rueda on Thursday, given that the head of the Executive, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, is on a trip to Israel, has analyzed a balance of the processing of the aids activated by the Autonomous administration to deal with the damage caused by fires.

Rueda, who has stressed that there is provision on the part of the Xunta to expand the initial budget if necessary, explained that in the resolution of aid has prioritized the payment “first to people who suffered personal injury or lost family members “because of the fire, and also to the citizens who saw their homes affected.

From there, damage to industrial facilities will be addressed, among others, and also to alleviate those expenses arising from the extinction in the town halls. In total, of the nine activated aid lines, there are 1,275 requests, some of which will still need to be reviewed.

Rueda has guaranteed that this figure dispels “any doubt that could be” about the “alleged difficulties” to qualify for the subsidies and has added that “no one will be left without a help for presenting a bad paper.”

“Just three months after the deadline for requesting aid and shortly after it was completed, some are already processed, resolved and approved,” said the vice president, who has advanced that the goal is that all are resolved in the first semester of the year.


Image result for personal injuryWith regard to aid for people who suffered damage or injury and those who lost their family members because of the fires, the vice president has indicated that, of the 15 applications submitted, in 14 of the cases have already been charged the aid and, in the remaining case, the payment will be made “immediately”.

In relation to housing, he said that the first aid in this matter has already been paid. Specifically, those activated to subsidize the temporary housing of families who lost their homes because of the fires.

In total, they amount to almost 30,000 euros, which is making it easier for a total of seven families to meet the rental costs.

In this area there is another aid order, initially provided with two million euros, to subsidize the repair of damage produced in homes due to fires. Specifically, the deadline for admission of applications ended this Wednesday, registering 158 requests that are being reviewed.


With regard to aid for sports and tourism facilities, the applications are in the study phase and are available until the end of April to be available.

Specifically, a game of 100,000 euros has been reserved for associations, clubs and sports entities that suffered damage to their facilities. All in all, only five applications were registered, amounting to just under 60,000 euros.

In this sense, Rueda recalled that the remainder may be allocated to other grants in which the endowment is exhausted, in the same way that credit may be extended if necessary.

In the tourism field, 12 requests were received from owners of affected establishments and municipalities whose signaling has been affected – for a joint amount of 129,000 euros – and in hunting (40 requests to meet the costs of recovery and protection of the hunting resources, for 475,000 euros).

With regard to aid to recover and rebuild commercial, commercial and industrial establishments, 27 petitions were registered, the amount of which exceeds five million euros.


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However, the order that registered the largest number of applications – almost a thousand – is managed by the Rural Environment Department, which is intended to alleviate the damage to runways, water catchment, burnt wood and agricultural operations, among other objectives

Their combined value exceeds five million euros.


In relation to the municipalities, Rueda has ensured that the Xunta already has a list of the damages produced in their municipalities with their corresponding valuation, after gathering the necessary data through the Galician Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (Fegamp). This, as he has argued, will allow signing the agreements that will determine the grants to be granted by the different administrations.

“There are 57 municipalities that ask for help,” said Rueda, who indicated that the majority are concentrated in the provinces of Ourense and Pontevedra. Specifically, they declare damages and expenses produced by almost six million euros, of which 3.7 fit in the criteria of the order to be eligible.

The Galician Government will deal with the councils and with the central executive in what way collaboration is established to deal with these aids. Rueda has advanced that the Xunta is willing to pay up to 50 percent of these investments and to sign agreements with the other administrations to take over the other half.

The city councils, meanwhile, begin to pronounce themselves. This is the case of As Neves (Pontevedra), which is considered ‘zero zone’ of the fires of that weekend, has quantified and calibrated: an “unexpected environmental and social problem” derived from the roofs and roofs of uralite of buildings calcined that at least means a cost of 150,000 euros.

The City Council of As Neves, directed by Xosé Manuel Rodríguez Méndez (BNG), has identified this “problem”, which arises from the territorial expansion of the uralite, a very common material not only in this municipality, but also in the covers of roofs of houses, sheds, poultry houses and other constructions in the villages of all the Galician geography.

As the regidor indicated in his day to Europa Press, this problematic “environmental and social unexpected” was transferred with these same words by the As Neves councilor through a letter to the Department of the Environment and Land Planning.


In addition to these aid lines, Rueda explained that the Xunta has already carried out or carries out direct actions to repair the damage caused by the fires. Thus, the Consellería do Medio Rural has already processed management charges for three million euros to recover forest potential in areas affected by the fires.

For its part, the Ministry of Environment has already approved the emergency declaration to deal with the damage produced in the Baixa Limia Natural Park and in Reseva dos Ancares.

In Industry, Rueda has continued, an agreement was signed with the AON Foundation for assistance and collaboration on insurance for the victims and, in Infrastructures, emergency works were carried out to repair a total of 10 roads.